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An aid for researchers of the Hewitson and Stark surnames

and many spelling variants

This is my personal contribution to posterity. It's just a glimpse of my researches into the surnames associated with my family history. There's brief details of thousands of people here, but I have much more in my off-line database - so get in touch if there's information you wish to follow up.

The data is far from complete, but is being enhanced continually.

Enter Hewitson Database

Last updated:
17th November 2007

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Hewitson One-name Study An RSS feed is available. Click here for the URL

I am the Guild of One-Name Studies' representative for the Hewitson surname, and have constructed this site to assist others researching the name. Most of my information is not on-line, but this site provides sufficient information for researchers to identify potential links.

It includes:

  • Family trees, showing brief details of the date and location of a person's birth and death. Details of living persons are suppressed.
  • Snippets of information about an individual. Could be anything, from transcripts of records to photographs, video, etc. While I have webspace available I will be happy to include your contributions. Properly acknowledged, of course.
  • Listings of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  • Information about the origins of the name. The Demographics pages show the surname distribution.
  • Wills index entries.
  • List of non-Hewitson surnames included in trees. This is provided to help researchers establish a potential link to the Hewitsons.
Please remember that these records are being built as time permits, and none can be considered complete.

Spelling variants include:

Heawatson, Heawetson, Heuatson, Heuetson, Heuitson, Heurson, Heurtson, Heuston, Hewardson, Hewartson, Hewason, Hewatson, Hewatsonn, Hewattsone, Hewerson, Hewertson, Heweson, Hewesonn, Heweston, Heweton, Hewetsen, Hewetson, Hewetsone, Hewetsonn, Hewetsonne, Hewettson, Hewilson, Hewinson, Hewirtson, Hewison, Hewisson, Hewiton, Hewiston, Hewitsonne, Hewittson, Hewtson, Hewtsonn, Hewytson, Hintson, Huartson, Huatson, Huertson, Huetson, Huison, Huitson

Enter Stark Database

Last updated:
10th January 2005

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Stark Family Study

This was my original one-name study. As the Guild of One-name studies already had a Stark representative, Bill Stark, I am concentrating on the Hewitson database. I will complete this database when time permits. The pages do not yet conform to W3C standards.

If you wish to contact Bill, the button on the left will generate an email to him.

  • Listings of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  • Wills index entries.

Spelling variants include:

Stark, Starke, Starker, Starkes, Starkings, Starkins, Starkiss, Starks

 Information about us and our personal trees

Last updated:
Too long ago to remember

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About Us

Information about us and our personal family trees is here. These were my first attempts at building a website, and most are long overdue for an overhaul.

Of general interest to family history researchers is a section on lead mining bargains in Weardale, County Durham, England. It contains references to many miner's names. I intend eventually to revise this and incorporate it into the Hewitson One-name study.